10 Ways Podcasts Make You a Better Man

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The idea for this post came from our friends over at The Art of Manliness. Our brand has been through an evolution, and our new direction is to create content and experiences that support men to show up in the world as their most courageous selves. As we started to survey the new landscape, we came across Brett's writing. After almost ten years of creating, their work in service of men is comprehensive and inspiring. Their email shared some great insight into how podcasts can support your learning and access new ideas and points of view. It made me reflect on my journey with listening to podcasts.

The first time I heard a podcast was in 2006. I bought an iPod (remember those), and it included access to a library of free radio stations where ordinary people created the shows. The only person I recognised was Tim Ferris after reading his first book a few years earlier. I loved this new format for deep-diving into interviewing interesting people and being able to listen in on the conversations. 

Since 2006, the podcast landscape has exploded, with more and more people creating podcasts on various topics. You can consume podcasts in all spheres, from personal development to activism, raising kids, gardening, news, comedy, etc. 

Our favourite podcast genres are personal development, critical thinking, crypto news, and entrepreneurship. Increases in wifi speed, device capacity and improvements in user experience have made this our number one medium for content consumption.

Here are our top 10 reasons why we're doubling down on podcasts:

  1. They're uncensorable creators can start a podcast on any topic, and their content is not subject to the "community guidelines" enforced on social media platforms.
  2. They can be any length Many of the complex topics of our time can't be unpacked in a seven-minute insert of traditional talk radio. Some shows likeJoe Rogan orLex Friedman can be 3-hours or longer.
  3. They're evergreen In traditional radio shows, you didn't have the chance to listen again once the show was over. Podcasts can be listened to whenever you've got time to consume them. If you find a creator that you like, you can access their entire back catalogue of work and learn more about them and their message.
  4. You can access new areas of interest Want to share something interesting in your next social engagement? Podcasts give you access to learn about new subjects. Hardcore History was one of these for me. Not having been interested in history,Dan Carlin's long format storytelling of historic events developed my knowledge in a completely new area.
  5. Access to interesting people Podcasts allow the listener to spend a few hours listening to people's conversations that they wouldn't otherwise be able to access. Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk, or Jamie Wheal, a Google search for the person followed by "podcast", and you're likely to find a list of results.
  6. You can listen anytime, anywhere Being audio format means you can consume podcasts while doing other things—washing dishes on your daily commute or walking the dog. 
  7. Share the inspiration with others The digital nature of podcasts means that you can share episodes with the people you love, and they can also expand by consuming the podcast. It's also a great way to add value to your audience by sharing valuable content that will benefit them and builds your credibility. 
  8. Low barriers to getting started. Have you got exciting stories to tell? Do you want to document your journey as you learn something new through audio? Perhaps you've got a skill that you can share with the world through a podcast. You can start a podcast for very little money using the same device you're reading this on.
  9. They offer powerful co-creation opportunities offer to be guest on someone else’s podcast.   It’s a great way to connect with other thought-leaders, practise your presenting and get your voice into the world.
  10. They can enhance your personal brand Are you clear about how you want to bring your gifts to the world? When you have been on someone’s podcast it positions you as a leader in your field and builds credibility. 

If you want to learn how to document your own personal brand join our telegram group (here). The theme for January is “Propose and Personal Brand” and Matt will be documenting his journey to refine his personal brand, as a step towards answering his call to courage. He’ll be sharing the tools and practises that he’s going through for you to craft your own personal brand.


So why don't we have a podcast?

Great question, and - we now do! Launched on the new moon in Aires 2022 It's called The Call To Courage podcast. This audio experience is for men ready to lead their most expansive and courageous lives. In a chaotic and non-stop world, we share the conversations, strategies, and tools that support men in rebooting their minds and bodies, igniting their relationships, and living their lives on purpose.

Listen to the Call To Courage podcast here, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Thank you for being part of this courageous journey with us.

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