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"We dare you to disappear for six months and emerge as a new man."

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Here’s what your next six months look like as you install all the systems, self-enquiry and support you need to show up as your best.


The Critically Acclaimed Core Scaffolding Program:

You don't build a house without a plan, a budget and formwork to support it as it grows, your life deserves the same.

The program is built on a holistic set of principles: Eastern Philosophy, Stoicism, Meditation, The Law of Attraction, Emotional Awareness, Tantra, and Jungian Psychology. 

It unfolds easily into your life over six months in a simple and fun way with easy-to-understand tools.

And you’ll be supported by a tribe of brothers doing the work alongside you every step of the way.

 Your 6-Month Level-UP Syllabus:

Month 1: 
Your First 4%

Your 1-hour investment in self-care each day so that you show up like a boss in the boardroom and a beast in the bedroom.

Month 2:
Creating A Lifescript

Your blueprint for your ideal life, even if things are shitty right now or if you’ve never made a life plan before.

Month 3:

Until you can track and change your stories, you’re stuck in the same reality. A step-by-step guide to hack reality and win in all areas of your life.  



Month 4
The Pregame

A 5-minute process for setting up each day so that you win as a father, leader, lover and brother.


Month 5:
The Postgame

Our future only improves when we learn from the past. This tool teaches you about conscious endings and how to find the gold in even the most painful life experiences.

Month 6:
Navigating The Map

If you don’t know how to connect with and listen to your emotions, it’s like trying to drive a car with your eyes closed. This month, you reconnect your emotional guidance system - your "GPS for life".


Unlock Your Full Potential

I'm Ready To Join The Tribe

What's the real cost of your unrealised potential?

"Unshared gifts become poison in a man"

You have a unique skill and message that the world needs, and right now, the world needs men who are ready to lead.

Life is dynamic and everchanging, always offering you a chance to grow and expand your potential. But if you ignore these invitations, feelings of frustration develop.

A deep part of you knows you have more to offer. 

When you block this creative energy, frustration grows into bitterness and resentment. And, when you ignore life's pull for too long, it eventually sends you a dramatic, life-changing situation you can no longer ignore.

Health crises, relationship collapse or depression all started as frustration. Life gets you to change one way or another. 

If you've felt that frustration, you've heard the call. 

Are you ready to boldly step into your next evolution on your terms, or will you ignore the call until life sends the unavoidable lesson?

The Core Scaffolding Training has the tools, tribe, and support you need to discover and share your gifts and show up fully to create the better world we all know is possible.

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Your Investment in Core Scaffolding.

Your investment in this training should be considered through the following three inquiries.

1. Time Investment:  90 minutes per week 

2. Financial Investment: BLACK FRIDAY OFFER 55% SAVING

Rather than another flat screen or home appliances that end up in the bin, this Black Friday, invest in something that will pay real returns in your life.

Two options to suit your current cash flow.

  1. $111 per month - with a six-month commitment (lowest cost to get started)
  2. $600 per year BEST VALUE (55% Discount)


3. Energetic Investment. 100%

You're saying yes to 100% commitment and integrity to your path, the container, and the men training with you.

Here’s how your investment in Tribe stacks up.

More than 20x the value of what you commit to investing here today.


6 Live Tribe Gathering Calls

Value: $3,000

Experience the power of leveraged learning as we connect monthly as a group. 

6 Lifestyle Design Tools

Value: $4,200

All the resources needed to get clear on your path and rock-solid support every step of the way.

 Accountability Plan

Value: $3,000

Drop in deeper with your accountability buddy as you unpack the magic you are installing each month.


The King's Rolodex

Value: $1,500

Access the tribe directory.  A private space to hang out, network and deepen your connection to your brothers.

King's Body Invitation

Value: Priceless

An exclusive invitation to level up your body, diet and exercise with the FSB in-house movement coaches and nutritionists.

(This invitation is a paid upgrade).

Postgame & Integration

Value: $1,500

A powerful one-on-one session with a brother from the tribe to reflect and integrate your 6-month journies and how to anchor them into your new reality.




That's a Total Value of $13,200


Say yes to your Tribe invitation, confirm your spot today, and get it all for just $111.

Your future self, your family and the world say thank you.


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Imagine waking up in May 2024 ...

  • You feel fit, strong and healthy in your body. 
  • Your personal relationships are flourishing. 
  • Your sex life is juicy and alive again.
  • You’re clear about your life path and know what to do next.
  • You're connected to the wisdom of your emotions and know how to move them safely.
  • You’re part of a tribe of lifelong friends that will always be there for you, as you would for them if they ever needed anything.
  • You're standing proudly as an integrated man in your community, business, family, and marriage.

Welcome To The Tribe.

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Financial investing aims to achieve a higher return than what you invest. An investment in yourself should be the same. That’s why when you join Tribe and train with us for the next 30 days, if you don’t feel like your life is levelled up more than ten times what you invest here today, let me know, and I’ll refund you in full.

I don’t want to keep the money or the attention of someone who’s not a good fit with our community. We don’t want unhappy money or unsatisfied Tribe members.

So join us for an entire month and check it out risk-free.

My commitment: a more courageous you, with zero financial risk to yourself.

Are you ready to unlock your potential, stand side-by-side with your tribe, and be the change you want to see in the world?


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No matter where you are in life, health, wealth, or relationships, the Fathers Sons Brothers Tribe accepts you. We're on a mission to unite a global tribe of men who do life, business, relationships, and money in a new, more empowering way. 

Join a tribe of courageous and open-hearted men who are already living the chance that we want to see in the world. 

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Are you ready to join The Tribe, but the financial investment is out of reach for you at the moment?  We don't want finances to hold anyone back who needs the support of this tribe. Fill out the form on this page - sharing how you'll give $1,000 of value back to the world. This could be community service, helping others or volunteering. Any application that gives back $1,000 or (more) of value will be considered.