#33 Hedonic Planning - Prioritise your calendar to serve yourself first.

Season #2

A 30 Minute Investment To Emerge As Your Best-Self in 2024

Life improves when you prioritize the things that matter to you. But waiting for a gap in the calendar is the ultimate Dream Killer.

Our lives feel more rushed, more to do in less time. The solution is in hedonic calendaring -putting time in your calendar for the things that bring you the most joy.

In this episode, Gareth and Brian get into the process of Hedonic Calendaring and share the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual time suggestions that create a solid and steady rhythm.

When you install this calendaring process in your life, it aligns your time allocation with your values. Time is a precious gift; this 30-minute process shows you how to make the most of your sacred life.

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Mountains Movement Mindset 2024

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