Welcome To The King's Circle

A global tribe of courageous and authentic men in a conscious live conversation.


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We’ve paused the King’s Circle for now to create something exciting for Men that want to be in a solid primary partnership.


Welcome To The King's Circle

Meet Your Guides:



Gareth is an artist and a thought leader. He lives in his body and enjoys physical challenges that test him physically and mentally. He's an ironman, ultra marathoner, Crossfit athlete, yogi, barefoot trail runner and mountain biker. He lives in Guatemala with his partner Araminta, 2 cats (Zen and Zola) and a rescue dog named Layla.

He aims to bring men together and create new ways to live, laugh and love.



Matt is a father, husband, and conscious creator. He designs pathways for artists and entrepreneurs to find and broadcast their authentic voice, bring their work to the world, and achieve their greatest expression. As a new dad and digital nomad entrepreneur, he's constantly testing and implementing new ways of balancing the creative process while on the go and still being in the present moment. Matt's medium of choice is the whiteboard.

How Men Feel After Attending Our Circle:

I feel great! I'm really happy about joining and making time and space for this circle. The space felt exactly like what I was looking for. I feel connected and supported and seen.


I felt empowered and seen after the circle. I felt validated in some of the areas where I’m struggling to embody my masculine energies.


Ever more clear and lit up, ready to make decisions and take actions w/ so much more clarity.


I feel hopeful after attending todays circle. I appreciate the high quality presence that showed up.


I feel light. Listening to the stories and experiences of other men, especially hearing from other dads was nourishing.


Our circle is open and 100% accepting of men no matter your age, stage of life or where you are on your journey.

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