Your nervousness determines your net worth

business first 4% vocation Nov 17, 2023

What does it mean to be wealthy?

This question has had different answers for me as I've grown.

Fifteen years ago, wealth was money, cash in the bank. The more, the better.

Then, I had a "midlife realignment" and would have said, "Real wealth is owning my time. Freedom".

When I was unwell, I thought that health was wealth.

Right now, I believe that real wealth is a relaxed nervous system. It's the base electrical information system on which my reality runs.

Think of it like the electrical system in your house. If the wiring in your home is surging, overheating, stressed and not maintained, nothing in your home will work well. Short circuits, power outages, and mystery energy leaks are all the result of a shaky electrical system.

Now imagine that your life, family, projects, partner, physical body, and finances are supported by an unregulated nervous system; how well do you think they will work together?

Like an old haunted house!! 👻

Lights flashing at random times, exploding appliances, and you're too scared to touch anything, worried something will shock you.

It's time to get that system under control.

When my nervous system is relaxed, I say, "I want to exercise my body today; I feel that's what it needs" rather than, "You better get to the gym today, fattie."

My relaxed nervous system expands the time between an experience and my choice of how to respond. I take a breath when I need it.

A well-regulated nervous system supports better sleep. I fall asleep quicker and wake up rested and ready to go!

My stressed-out nervous system never has enough money, views, subscribers, tribe members, and love.

Relaxed me is grateful for everything in my world and celebrating all my blessings and challenges while still excited for my ever-expanding desires.

I prioritise the daily practises that support a well-regulated nervous system.

From this place, more money flows. I have more time, and I'm aware of where I'm forcing things from a place of fear or scarcity.

Even diseases in the body heal when the nervous system returns to a state of "rest and recovery."

Life, money, health, people, messages, inspiration, time and acceptance arrive on time when my nervous system is grounded and regulated.

For me, that's real wealth. What defines wealth for you?
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Much love

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