How to Engineer a Breakthrough

Oct 06, 2022

Have you ever had that feeling in a book when you read something that clicks?

A breakthrough.

Something that seemed impossible now has a pathway and potential.

A new connection.

Ned, my inner CEO, loves that shit! It's that feeling of possibility that drives my development. That "yes!" moment.

Breakthroughs don't just come from books. They can be any engagement with the world around you. A podcast. A friend request. A DM on social media. A gut feeling.

How do you engineer more breakthroughs for yourself John?

When I focus on these two steps, I create more "Aaaah-haaaaa" moments in my life.

Step 1: Know what you want.
From your life, relationships, job, health and money. Without a direction, you won't realise that you've had a breakthrough.

Let's use an example of wanting to call in a new work project. It might sound like this:
"I'm looking for a project where I can share my gifts, do something meaningful, make money and decide my own schedule".

That's clear.

Missing step 1 means life happens to you rather than for you.

Step 2: Trust.
trust your plan will unfold how it's supposed to.
trust that the right people, resources and opportunities always show up to support you.
Trust that the timeline is perfect, even when things don’t align with your expectations.
You’re developing the belief this project is out there.

The “I’ve added ten grand of sales to the vision board, and I need it by the end of the month coz I got bills to pay” - is not coming from a place of trust. That’s scarcity and desperation.

Without clarity and trust, your dreams don't manifest into reality.

Now to the engineering part.

Grab a piece of paper and pen, and set a 5-minute timer. Turn off all other distractions and for the next 5 minutes, write down any questions that will give you the answers that support your plan.

Using the new work project example, you might ask questions like:

What do I love to do?
What does the world need?
How could I get paid $10,000 per month to do this?
Who needs this problem solved?
Who do I need to be to manifest this project?

It doesn't matter how random or ridiculous they sound; keep writing out questions until the timer stops.

That’s it.

That's all you need to do.

Simply pay attention as the world around you sends you signs, teachers, books and content that create these magical connections. Breakthroughs.

When you have a clear direction and ask conscious questions, your mind can't help but find solutions. That’s what it does. The path unfolds automatically in front of you, one breakthrough at a time.

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