#36 Are you prepared for your life's second mountain?

Every man knows that he's here for something bigger than himself.

Men reach a stage where they've had material success, built a family and ticked some boxes that made their parents happy.  

This summit is called the first mountain. But you still have more life ahead of you, and something is stirring inside. What you create in the second half of your life is DIFFERENT from what you made in your first 40 years of life—this unknown is your second mountain.

Sadly, most men don't do anything about it. They numb the frustration and ignore their soul's calling to share the gifts that they've been given.

In this episode, Gareth and Brian share how to know if you're facing your second mountain and invite you to join them at The Call To Courage Retreat in Guatemala in July 2024.

This 5-day luxury men's experience is for men who are ready to climb their life's second mountain. You can learn more about the retreat and access early bird pricing before the end of April.

Our luxury villa on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, only has space for eight men, and this retreat will sell out. So, if you're ready to give yourself the gift of an experience that will shift you onto a new timeline, don't delay. 

Secure your spot in our opening circle on the 23rd of July 2024 in Guatemala at:  https://fatherssonsbrothers.com/retreat