[Post-Game] Raise your vibration with this secret practice.

Season #2

Do you know someone who has nervous energy whenever they're around technology? They're always scared they're going to "break something".

Do you know someone whose tech always "breaks" on them? Their Airdrop never works, data is not syncing, and they're continuously getting locked out of their services.

Have you ever noticed how those people are often the same person?

The person who worries the most about getting mugged manifests theft. It's like continually telling a story until it creates enough momentum to manifest into physical reality.

Thoughts become things.

If you hang outside the barbershop long enough, you'll end up with a haircut.

Changing the underlying vibration of how you engage with something is like walking away from the barbershop.

A new life direction.
A new timeline.
A new hairstyle.

In today's episode, Matt and Gareth discuss a process for creating a healthy relationship with all parts of your life. Use this process when opening a new bank account, buying a new laptop, or starting a new life chapter to bring ease and flow to your next phase.

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