89 Days Without Ejaculating [Post-Game]

It's been 89 days since my last ejaculation.

That's probably not something that you hear every day. If I'd heard that fifteen years ago, I'd have asked, "Why would you punish yourself like that?" I hadn't even heard of "ejaculation choice" fifteen years ago. I thought every sexual act had ejaculation as the goal - "That's why we're doing this!"

What I've come to learn is that each time you ejaculate, you dispel energy. That's why you feel sleepy and have low energy after sex. But, it is possible to have a potent and active sex life where you don't ejaculate every time.

In this episode of The Call To Courage, Gareth shares his journey and what he learned over the last 89 days without ejaculating. (spoiler: This does NOT mean not having sex or self-pleasuring during this time). 

Gareth also shares the name of his sex coach and how you can connect with him directly if you want to use these practices to improve your sex life and reclaim the energy you may be leaking.

The Unshakable Mind Conference: 

Join this live conversation with Brett W Simpson, which teaches you how to use meditation as a tool to develop an unshakable mind. This conference takes place, and you can access it for free inside the Fathers Sons Brothers WhatsApp group here: https://www.fatherssonsbrothers.com/whatsapp

From CEO to Sex Coach:

This is the episode of the Call To Courage that Gareth refers to in this episode. Grab it here: https://www.fatherssonsbrothers.com/podcasts/call-to-courage/episodes/2147883763 

Lucid Dream: A Luxury Eco Cabin In Guatemala

This is the sustainable building project Gareth and Araminta have recently finished that he spoke about in this episode. https://www.instagram.com/luxuryeconestantigua/