A Blueprint For Creating Harmony and Inspiration In Business, Love and Life.

Your outer reality is reflection of your inner world.

Inside every man is a king and a kingdom. Until your inner kingdom is in harmony, it will be imposible to to create harmony in your external kingdom  

If you don't see the results you want in your life, this playbook will show you how to easily change that from the inside out - without falling back into old habits that keep you stuck.


Do you own personal development books you bought with good intentions but ended up unimplemented on your bookshelf? Shelf-help.

This is the opposite. 

This workbook and video training will help you reconnect and integrate all the parts of yourself. When you come back into harmony in your inner world, the outer world reflects it back to you.

100% Risk Free Guarantee:

When you invest in this training today and try it for the next 30 days, if you don’t feel it’s up-levelled your life and relationships, let us know and we’ll organise you full refund.

 What’s next:

  1. Confirm your details and commitment on this page.
  2. Check your email and confirm your address to access the FSB training area.  
  3. The King’s Playbook and video training details will be available inside your FSB portal in the training area. 

Making the choice to walk a path of self improvement and self responsibility isn’t easy. But when you say yes to this training you’ll immediately gain access to the systems, tools and support you need to live a courageous and empowering life. 

We’re excited to welcome you and your king to the Fathers Sons Brothers Tribe. 

$100.00 USD