Who do we need to become? [FSB Postgame]

Season #2

"Until this changes, nothing changes"

This week on the post-game, Matt and Gareth share an essential manifestation tip you can use to make the necessary shift to call in the life you want right now.

Resources from this episode:

  1. Recently launched episode #31 of The Call To Courage with Frank Mondeose, titled "No One is coming to Save Us." watch it here.
  2. Join our free leadership conference with Frank inside the Fathers Sons Brothers Whatsapp group. (More info and join link here
  3. The Elizabeth Gilbert TED Talk Matt and I geek out about in minute 18: https://youtu.be/86x-u-tz0MA?si=DGw0xVw657OVGcpo

It's a jam-packed week episode full of inspiration, tools to support your evolution, and a chance to connect with our global tribe.

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