# 30 Man to Man: What you Need to Know About Joining a Men's Group, with Mikaal Bates

If you’re a conscious man looking for the next level of your evolution, a men’s group is the answer.  Fellow men’s coach Mikaal Bates & I examine the power of these groups, how this age-old tradition of men supporting each other elevates every aspect of ourselves and why it’s worth protecting. 

Find out how to get the best out of a men’s group, plus: 

  • Why the lone wolf mentality doesn’t serve you.
  • The value of joining a men’s group & what it means to be truly seen, including the positive effect on your mental health.
  • Examining the impact of postmodernism on the family and how it's affected all men.
  • Unpacking the fundamental question, “What does it mean to be a man?”.
  • The importance of having a rite of passage into manhood & how to create them for yourself and young men.
  • How to not turn your partner into your therapist, including which problems you should stop taking to them.
  • How to break out of being a “people-pleaser” & how this will improve all your relationships.
  • Using polarity mapping to navigate imbalances for a more integrated self.
  • Preparing for life's unforeseen hardships with the “Morning STACK”.

Mikaal is an OG when it comes to men's work, and this episode is must-listen for those looking to show up fully integrated and fully in their power.

Resource Links

Jamie Wheal

David Deida

The (Re)Masculation Podcast

Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey"

"Men's Rites of Passage"

"Red Circle" Men's Group

About our guest:

Mikaal is a Men's Coach, Men's Work Facilitator, Ritualist, Couples Counsellor, Psychedelic Integration Guide, and host of the "ReMasculation" Podcast.  He invites you to awaken your true purpose and feel the call to Warriorship, with his men’s group, Red Circle.  Join other high-impact men to cultivate mind, body and spirit through group sharing, rites of passage, and embodied practice.

Reach him on:

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About your host:

Gareth Pickering is an artist and thought leader. His inspiration is to create spaces for men to have open and honest conversations that shift their mindset and live life to the fullest. He’s a human connection specialist who guides others to level up with their lives through “relationships”. Relationships are a rocket ship for personal development. Gareth provides the tools and maps to fly and land your rocket safely.

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