#29 Supercharging Your Relationship Through Sex and Communication with Laurie Handlers.

Most of us only value communication when there’s a problem in our relationships.  Today’s guest and sexpert, Laurie Handlers, elevates our understanding, revealing how you can make your relationship great using conversation in the bedroom.  Master this skill for even better sex and more intimacy as we share the framework in today's episode; plus:

  • What is standing between you and a great relationship.
  • How to manifest your desires using sex magic.
  • Arousal, and the staggering difference between men & women.
  • The laws of intimacy and how they change in a partnership over time.
  • How to have a crucial conversation to resolve conflict.
  • Ways to support your partner through menopause and the uninhibited sex that follows.
  • Social programming & why coupledom is failing.
  • The emotions behind a failed relationship, & how it can cripple you.
  • The right time to share past relationships with a new partner.
  • How to increase your vitality and relieve stress through your testicles.

Resource Links

Book: "Sex & Happiness, It Gets Better With Age" by Laurie Handlers

Extraordinary Lovers Retreat

Video: "Sex Magic - Fuelling your intentions with orgasms"

Membership: Laurie Handler's Inner Circle

Podcast: "Power Suits & Pillow Talk"

Andropause "Male Menopause"

About our guest:

Laurie Handlers is the author of Amazon international best seller Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy. She’s been featured on Canada’s Bloomberg Report and has appeared in the New York Times. Laurie has appeared live before thousands of people speaking about sexuality, sensuality, embodiment, empowerment, relationships as well as Sex and Radical Life Extension (biohacking). She’s been featured on countless radio shows, podcasts, summits and festivals.

Laurie has been leading retreats worldwide since 1978. She’s hosted a podcast for almost two decades starting with Tantra Cafe and now Sex and Happiness. She also co-hosts a podcast for powerful women business owners called “Power Suits and Pillow Talk.”

With her unique style of humor and directness, Laurie empowers people to transform shame, fear and guilt into embodiment, power, and self-love. Her vision has always been, “Women and Men Dancing in Eternal Ecstasy on Earth Now!”

Laurie holds a BA in psychology and sociology and an MAT degree from the George Washington University.

Reach her on:



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