#27 Addiction, Circumcision & Birth Trauma [Bonus Episode] - Gareth on the Ridiculously Human Podcast

What addictions do you have in your life?
What are the things that pull your attention away from your set objective?
What unconscious habits aren't serving the best version of you?

Social media, cannabis, sex, alcohol and porn are potent substances that can support our human experience or be over-used to numb and distract us.

When our drug of choice starts to deliver less and less dopamine, we need more and more of it to feel good. Using more of a substance often leads us to feel guilt or shame and can create a negative emotional spiral.

In this episode of the Call To Courage Podcast, I share my journey with addiction to cannabis. I go into how it was holding me back from fulfilling my mission and some of the breakthroughs I've had since taking a break from smoking weed.

I also share how I broke the habit of using support and offer an accountability partner to support you if you're dancing with addiction.

The host Gareth Martin and I cover various subjects in this bonus episode on the Ridiculously Human Podcast.

Also, tune into this episode to learn how to cultivate a healthier relationship with money so that it flows more easily and gracefully into your life.

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