#26 The Art of Fucking Up Your Relationship - With Brian Jenkins

Join me for this special edition with fellow men’s coach Brian Jenkins.  Receive a double dose of expert advice as we discuss everything relationship.  Find out how to attract the right partner, deepen your commitment & manage the root causes "fucking up your relationships".

If you’re supporting a partner through illness, Brian and I share our own experiences during a deeply vulnerable portion of the show. You’ll learn how to anchor yourself, change perspective and prioritise your needs while still supporting your partner.

Join us for a quick & punchy episode that’s packed with useful tools and insights.

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About our guest:

Brian is a Florida native who has made his Gran Canaria, Spain his home for the past 11 years with wife, two dogs, a cat, and a parrot. After learning that he would not be able to have biological children and blindly navigating the grief and re-imagining a new vision with his wife, Brian guides couples and married men live powerfully, expression authentically, and to love themselves first. Brian is on a mission to help the masses live their truth and to practice the Art of Fucking Up.

Reach him on:

Website, Instagram

About your host:

Gareth Pickering is an artist and thought leader. His inspiration is to create spaces for men to have open and honest conversations that shift their mindset and their relationships so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Connect with him on: 

Website, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook

This audio experience is a Fathers Sons Brothers production.