#025 - Is it ok for boys to cry? an exploration into conscious parenting - with Zach Townesmith

Today’s guest is Harvard-educated Zack Townesmith.  We discover how this social entrepreneur is making huge waves of change, using his gifts as an educator.  We explore fatherhood and what Zach is doing to successfully be a more loving parent.  We talk about emotions in masculinity and discuss if it's ok for boys or young men to cry.

So get ready for this deep dive into how to be a more inspiring father, how to use creativity to level up your team and learn a tool that you can use to increase your learning speed by up to 200%

Hold on tight this episode is jam-packed!

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About our guest:

Zach brings humility and humor to his fathering, facilitation and coaching. He inspires participation and thoughtful consensus in a wide array of groups. He is dedicated to developing intercultural relations and facilitating innovative solutions for regenerative well-being.

His Cum Laude B.A. from Harvard College led him to explore issues of privilege and work for justice from his hometown of Philadelphia to the Guatemala City garbage dump. This work has taken him throughout the Americas engaging diverse stakeholders in strategic planning through the development of creative and critical thinking in fields such as education, public health, business, creative industries, and entrepreneurship.

He believes that interpersonal relationships and creativity are the keys to regenerative enterprise and works in settings ranging from corporate boardrooms to dirt-floored rural schools. His multicultural and multilingual fluency are valuable assets as groups develop and maintain creative environments of respect and trust.

Reach him on:

The Kula Collective.com

Seven Springs Retreats

Husband Father Hero

About your host:

Gareth Pickering is an artist and thought leader. His inspiration is to create spaces for men to have open and honest conversations that shift their mindset and lives their lives to the fullest.

Reach him on: 

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