#15 A Father's Heartbreak: A Story of Love and Loss with Daniel Moe

Season #1

Daniel believes it is crucial to “reveal ourselves to each other”, and this episode is no exception. He talks about the loss of his son and the intricacies of grief. He shares how he delayed his own grief in support of his family and how he channels it through his art, for something beautiful. Join this heartful conversation, where we also unpack money & relationships, question blockages founded in old beliefs, and find ways we can build our inner courage through connecting authentically with other men.

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About our guest:

Daniel Moe was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1967. Being drawn by a powerful calling from the Big Island of Hawaii in 1999 was a key factor to further and expand his creative glass work. He currently lives and works in Puna, where he gets his inspiration from living close to Pele, the Nature force of the volcano Kilauea, which is located just a few miles away from his home/studio. The Puna region is also known for its dramatic ocean waters. Waves eternally and passionately crash on the breath-taking lava cliffs moving Daniel to give birth to his ocean wave series.

In 2018, Daniel lost his 4-month-old son after complications from a very traumatic birth. A major life-quaking event changed how he looks and experiences life in a very dramatic way. In 2009, Daniel was initiated into the ManKind Project.  He gives thanks for the positive impact of his MKP brothers and the extraordinary support and love from his wife.


About your host:

Gareth Pickering is an artist and thought leader. He's inspired is to create spaces to have open and honest conversations that open our minds and create a more loving world.

Reach him on: Website, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook.


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