#11 [Micro dose] Unlocking Power Through Forgiveness - A Meditation.

Season #1

A wise person once said that "hanging onto resentment is like holding onto a lump of burning coal and hoping that it burns somebody else".

Welcome to Unlocking Power Through Forgiveness.

The word resentment has Latin roots, and its original meaning was "to feel again." Resentment comes from holding on to harm that was caused in the past. These old stories loop in your reality; they demand your attention and use bandwidth.

A browser tab that's still open.

Forgiveness is the key that closes the browser tab and releases the swirling resentment energy around that old story. You can allocate that RAM somewhere else in your life: to healing, manifestation or motivation.

This meditation guides you to honour these experiences and recognise them as gifts on your path.

Forgiveness releases these painful experiences and offers gentle freedom to your heart and mind.

We hope you enjoy this Microdose.


(00:01:41) - Introduction and explanation of this technique.
(00:03:53) - Unlocking power through forgiveness meditation.


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