#9 Leaving Mormonism, lovers as Mentors, and Navigating Dreams - with Eric J Reed.

Season #1

How do you manage the dynamics when you leave your family religion? When life calls you onto a new path, how do you manage the projections of those that love you the most? Today's guest Eric J Reed was raised Mormon. When it was time to go on the religious mission the church expected, Eric decided not to go. 


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Eric managed to navigate a well-intentioned family who thought leaving the church was a mistake.
  • A practice for using dreams as a key to the unconscious mind.
  • The process Eric follows to set up his day each day.
  • How Eric considers his romantic partners some of his most valuable teachers.


(00:01:01) - Eric Intro.
(00:12:03) - Share a story where you went from chaos to courage.
(00:20:28) - Leaving the religion that you grew up with.
(00:28:23) - Why being a lover feels awkward.
(00:33:35) - The role of mentors on your path.
(00:46:01) - Some experiences that got you to realization?
(00:46:57) - The honeybee story.
(00:54:22) - A lexicon that allows the divine to communicate.
(01:06:06) - Golden Shadows.
(01:14:57) - Name your call to courage.
(01:19:55) - Wrap up.



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About our guest:

Eric has sought to define his personal spiritual philosophy since leaving organized religion at the age of eighteen. Now in his thirties and empowered by life experiences that have given him unshakable gratitude for the miraculous, he is learning to recognize Divine forces at play and to be an instrument in enriching the lives of mankind. Eric works full time as the creative director for a multinational outdoor equipment manufacturer, operates a Cuban restaurant that his parents recently established, and is working on starting an eight-acre permaculture farm and retreat centre in the Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) land now known as Kanab, Utah.

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