#8: Is Bitcoin the Future of Money - with Rishi Bond.

Season #1

Do you worry about the markets crashing? Are you concerned about possible hyperinflation and its effect on you and your family?

Our current financial system is broken. Our money works overtime for a privileged few while paying the rest lower than inflation interest rates. Centralised authorities are clinging to control of our financial systems. Controlling a financial system gives access to control a lot of energy. 

If we give this power away, it can be used against us. A social credit system, of sorts.

We have to change how we "do money" to reclaim our power. The story of "hyperinflation" results from "hyper money printing". Your last paycheque is worth less today because we're bailing out a failing system.  

Could Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies have the potential to create a deflationary environment? Is it possible to live in a world where prices come down, and the profits made by the few return to the rest.  

Beware of knights in shining armour.   Be cautious about the next financial solution presented, especially if it's created by the same actors that created this mess.

This week on the Call To Courage Podcast, Gareth speaks to Rishi Bond a Bitcoin enthusiast and founder of the Bitcoin Lake Project. 

In this episode you'll learn:  

⭐️ some of the problems with the current financial systems and some ideas of how to do money differently.
⭐️ how fiat currency and Bitcoin differ.
⭐️ an investment strategy you can implement and how to determine your monthly safety number.
⭐️ how Gareth's early investment into Bitcoin investments made him a millionaire (for a while) - and changed his life path.  


00:03:02 - Why is Bitcoin an important part of the future
00:06:58 - Rishi introduces himself
00:10:23 - Taxation is theft
00:10:48 - Rishi journey into crypto and mining Eth
00:15:53 - Bitcoin and its journey to becoming a global currency
00:20:44 - How is crypto different to traditional money
00:23:14 - What is money
00:25:18 - Why does Bitcoin have value
00:26:25 - Difference between Bitcoin ad traditional money
00:28:28 - BTC use cases
00:33:21 - Crypto gains
00:37:56 - Why an investment plan
00:40:35 - Crypto investor lifecycle
00:45:33 - Have a plan and an emergency fund
00:48:16 - The importance of learning
00:52:49 - The importance of giving back
00:55:19 - Keep your plan simple
01:01:04 - Create your financial plan with intent
01:04:11 - Defining Defi
01:09:43 - Risk vs return
01:10:49 - Pay for everyday things with Bitcoin
01:11:46 - Market cycles for profit
01:12:16 - Adoption of crypto and the Lightning network
01:19:18 - Crypto Beach and Muun wallet
01:23:44 - Privacy and KYC
01:26:41 - Understanding market cycles
01:29:29 - Taking profits
01:30:34 - Crypto and taxation
01:34:02 - Real World Example
01:35:04 - Doing exactly what you need to be doing
01:37:13 - Rishi closing


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