#6 A stoned story about the power of stories.

Season #1

The stories you tell about the things in your life shape how things become in "reality".  So bringing awareness to our stories brings attention to how we create our reality.

This episode has two purposes. The first is to tell a story about the importance of stories.

The second is to create an index card of the words and language that we've given to the various elements that make up the Fathers Sons Brothers community. When we use language that you're unfamiliar with in the future, you can come back to this card and go to the timestamp below to see what that tool, system or concept is.

You'll hear how Matt and Gareth have been intentional about how they've named the various concepts that they share. Gareth explains how when he didn't resonate with how manifestation was being taught, so he blocked it. - He also shares his new story about The Law of Attraction called The Reality Factory.

If you want to use the tools and systems shared in this podcast - this episode is foundational. 




(00:01:54) - A story about the power of stories
(00:08:45) - Intro
(00:10:59) - Lifestyle Design
(00:11:27) - Reality Hacker
(00:12:58) - My Life OS
(00:14:25) - Call To Courage
(00:15:33) - 8 sacred pillars
(00:16:50) - My perfect day script
(00:17:51) - Reality Factory
(00:18:26) - Placing Orders
(00:19:08) - Paying for your Order
(00:20:36) - Order board
(00:21:46) - Order Confirmations
(00:23:54) - Order Delivered
(00:25:10) - Pre-Game
(00:27:01) - Post-Game
(00:28:31) - Future State
(00:29:58) - Future State Walking
(00:32:07) - Rattlesnake story

 Resources and Links:


Boat party order confirmation Is that my boat?

Boat party order delivered A Perfect Day For a Boat Party

This was a video of an order delivered https://fb.watch/cojgomJAhy/



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About your hosts: 

Gareth Pickering is an artist and thought-leader, inspired to create spaces for men to have open and honest conversations that invite them to think differently about what they want to achieve in their lives.
Contact via: Website, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter

Matt Dahse is a father and conscious creator, designing pathways for men to follow to unlock their potential and step into their power.

This audio experience is a Fathers Sons Brothers production.