#5: Porn, Vasectomies and Sex Magic - with Baba Des Nichols

Season #1

This week's episode is a conversation from inside The Fathers Sons Brothers founder's circle. Baba Dez Nichols has been supporting men (and women) all over the world through his work as Daka and transformational guide. 

We get into a range of topics in addition to the ones in the title including the importance of healthy self-pleasuring practice, the shadows in the brotherhood and how our sexual energy has been used to control us.

It's rich, it gnarly and it's beautiful to be able to talk openly about these subjects. 

Enjoy the conversation!



(00:01:24) - Intro to the episode
(00:03:57) - Intro to Baba Dez
(00:05:55) - Dez explains sacred sexuality
(00:07:47) - Dez tells a beautiful story about his father
(00:09:50) - The importance of being in touch with ourselves
(00:10:48) - sacred sexuality as it relates to anatomy and meeting our animals.
(00:12:11) - How to integrate the masculine and feminine
(00:13:59) - Dez defines Daka, introduces "the father wound"
(00:16:55) - Dez invites the founder's circle for more questions.
(00:17:54) - What are the ways our society has created toxic imprints around sexuality
(00:22:30) - What are the three sacred relating paths including their gifts and shadows
(00:29:24) - Relationship depth is not determined by choice
(00:30:24) - Integration and self-love
(00:32:38) - The importance of owning your desire and your no
(00:37:24) - How do you keep the fire alive
(00:39:42) - Dez's opinion of porn
(00:44:58) - What is self-activation
(00:49:56) - What is ejaculatory control
(00:58:34) - What are the shadows you see in the brotherhood
(01:04:17) - What is sex magic
(01:10:29) - Dez's view on vasectomy
(01:11:53) - Gareth's journey with vasectomy
(01:16:00) - Spontaneity and consent vs natural urge
(01:20:06) - What are the attributes you feel Fathers Sons Brothers should aim to embody
(01:23:54) - The path for those that wish to know more


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