#4: [Micro dose] What is the cost of not doing what you love?

Season #1

We can manifest whatever financial abundance we desire, but time is a finite resource.

In this Micro-dose episode, Matt offers an exercise to work through if you're considering a change in your “work-life” balance or you’re calling in more financial abundance.

If you don’t have 13 mins for the audio version, you can install the 5 step process taken from Matt’s notebook below.

Time is precious, do work you love.


Clear some space. Turn off your devices. Eliminate distractions. Create the space for you to focus on this exercise for 20 minutes.

Close your eyes and imagine a day that's far enough into the future that you are free from any constraints that you perceive are currently holding you back... like you've been given a magic wand that transforms you from your current situation to a perfect day in a life that's exactly how you designed it to be... You wake up in your dream home... next to your perfect partner... maybe there's a few kids running around that weren't there before...

Whatever your perfect day looks like, there's an element to it where you're working, creating, earning income, and giving back to the world.... and give yourself permission to really dream big here and get in touch with that dream job or that perfect work life balance scenario that's alive in you... that's what I want you to really vibe into and focus on.

Step 1: - You're going to open your eyes... grab your piece of paper... and I want you to make a list of the tangible elements that are present in your work... things like... do you work for yourself or for a company that you love and believe in?... do you work on your own or with a team of people? Do you work from home or somewhere else? What types of objects are present in your work space? What type of work are you doing? Working with your hands? Working with you mind? Are you on a computer most of the day? Are you painting? Are you on a boat? Are you giving talks in front of an audience? What type of people are you working and collaborating with? Do you have to wake up with an alarm clock? Do you work on your own time? For me, I want to be able to work from anywhere... Maybe you don't know what that is yet, and that's ok... instead focus on how it feels.

Step 2: - I want you to imagine what it feels like when you are working. Hopefully in your perfect work scenario you're not frustrated or feeling stressed... so how are you feeling? For me, I want to feel valued for my ideas. I want to feel validated by the other people working along side of me. I want to feel excitement as my ideas get birthed and implemented into a greater strategy. Inspired. How do you want to feel?

Step 3: - I want you to focus on how your work makes the world a better place. How the world is aligned to your values. How is it impacting the world around you. How does it improve the lives of others? How does it help others. How does it help nature. How does it help your clients? How does it contribute to a better community or global ecosystem?

Step 4: - Let's focus on the income you receive from doing this work. Do you have an amount in mind? If so, write it down. Do you get paid hourly, monthly, or in chunks? How do you get paid? Is money arriving directly to your bank account? Are you getting paid in cryptocurrency? Do you get paid in cash? I want you to identify the medium and picture the act of it arriving to you. Imagine that moment of seeing your account balance going up when your payment arrives. How does that moment feel for you? For me, it's been a while since I've had this feeling, but I do remember it... that feeling of refreshing my online bank balance and see that direct transfer hitting and my current balance going up an extra 10,000 bucks. For me, it felt like relief and a lightness knowing that the money was there. It would then be followed by excitement knowing I could purchase that plane ticket or that thing I was waiting on buying until I got paid. What are the emotions you associate with getting paid for doing work you love? Write them down.

Step 5: - The final part is I want you to write down elements of how having this work changes your life... What I mean by that are things like... How do your vacations change? What do your friends and family think of you now that you're doing this work? Are they proud of you? Do you have more or less spare time and what are you now doing with it? How does it feel when you describe your work to people who you are meeting for the first time.


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