#2: The Prologue

Season #1

Matt and Gareth share their journey of how they met and how they came to be creating the Call to Courage podcast.



(00:01:48) - Intro.
(00:03:35) - Gareth tells the story of the old bull.
(00:11:33) - Matts edge around public record speaking.
(00:16:49) - Gareth shares his story and some of the challenges he’s overcome.
(00:28:20) - Matt's story. Investment banking. Backpacker. Lifestyle designer. Father.
(00:35:23) - Matt and Gareth connect and journey with 🍄 on a 🏔 in Mexico.
(00:42:31) - Matt meets Gareth and learns about his documentation of The Law of Attraction.
(00:45:15) - And the band played on...
(00:50:18) - Gareth’s million-dollar manifestation story.
(00:56:19) - Matt’s first order delivered with Penelope Cruz.
(01:04:57) - Fuelled by manifestations showing up and want to change the world, Matt and Gareth. design a suite of lifestyle design tools that REALLY work!
(01:11:48) - Matt wraps up the prologue and previews what comes next in the podcast.


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About your hosts: 

Gareth Pickering is an artist and thought-leader, inspired to create spaces for men to have open and honest conversations that invite them to think differently about what they want to achieve in their lives.
Contact via: WebsiteInstagramLinkedinTwitterFacebook

Matt Dahse is a father and conscious creator, designing pathways for men to follow to unlock their potential and step into their power.

This audio experience is a Fathers Sons Brothers production.