#1: Welcome To The Call To Courage Podcast

Season #1

Welcome to the Call To Courage podcast. Our focus has been creating awareness on the role that stories play in our lives, so we know that podcasting is exactly where we need to be sharing these stories. This is a new art form for us. We're learning as we're going, we're rambling, we have second-takes. Expanding as we move, and following our joy.

In this first episode, Matt and Gareth discuss their intentions and desires for creating this show. They speak directly into their own fear about this new medium of creation and they unpack what you can expect from the podcast in future shows.


 (00:00:50) - Our communication framework
(00:01:37) - Matt's and Gareth's desires for Call To Courage podcast
(00:03:48) - Matt and Gareth's Fears about creating a podcast
(00:06:28) - Why we're excited about the podcast format
(00:06:28) - What makes Call To Courage Podcast different
(00:10:29) - Episode formats that you can expect
(00:11:59) - Your Call To Courage



Join The Conversation.

Do you want to participate in courageous conversations? Inside our private telegram group, you can ask questions of our guests and connect with other tribe members to shape our podcast conversations.

Request an invite to The Call To Courage Conversation at https://calltocourage.live

About your hosts: 

Gareth Pickering is an artist and thought-leader, inspired to create spaces for men to have open and honest conversations that invite them to think differently about what they want to achieve in their lives.
Contact via: WebsiteInstagramLinkedinTwitterFacebook

Matt Dahse is a father and conscious creator, designing pathways for men to follow to unlock their potential and step into their power.

This audio experience is a Fathers Sons Brothers production.