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Mindvault - Unlock New Perspectives.

The Facebook Replacer.

What if instead of getting pulled by your personalised Facebook algorithm, you consciously choose the content you want to consume based on how much time you have and what’s most interesting for you right now?

I prioritise personal development. I continually learn and implement new ideas, tools or ways of thinking.

I conduct each experiment by asking "does this topic expand my mind?".
"Could it be useful in my life?"
"How could this new practice improve my life and my relationships?" 
"How much time is going to take to install?" 

And then I start a new experiment. I continually check-in and then make a decision. What's working stays, and what's not vibing, I let it go.

This sounds all swanky but the shadow side of this superpower is trying to improve every part of life rather than enjoying it for what it is now. When things don't go the way of my fancy plans some parts of my get upset. Life sends us opportunities to grow. The power-point is integrating the lessons from these adventures.

My objective is a peaceful, joyful and expansive life; this journey requires a balance between creating and consuming. 

Conscious consumption supports my thinking and creates new ideas.

Creating is implementing these ideas. 

Consumption without creating lacks wisdom. Creation without consumption lacks substance.

Mindvault is a digital content library of the finest content I've consumed from my teachers over the last eight years.

Books that show up at significant moments. A single sentence from a podcast that creates a breakthrough. Connecting with a new teacher.
These are just some of the benefits you can expect from Mindvault.

Replace Facebook for the next 30 days with Mindvault. If you've not received 10x the value of what you invested here today - message me and I'll offer you a refund.


When you unlock the Mindvault, you'll get immediate access to the complete digital library of the best content from teachers, mystics and mentors.


What is Mindvault?
Mindvault is our digital content library. The most useful and inspiring podcasts, books and videos are catalogued so you can sort by category, most popular or how much time you have.

How do I access it?
We use Trello team collaboration as well as many of our training tools. We've created a board for the Mindvault, so it's easy to sort and find the exact content pick-me-up you need. When you unlock the Mindvault, we'll email you the key. You access the content directly on your computer or via the free Trello app. It's Badass.

What if it's not for me?
All our training comes with a 10x guarantee. Once you unlock the Mindvault, if you haven't got ten times the value of what you invested here in the next 30 days, we'll refund you in full. 

Your thoughts become things.

Be conscious of what you consume; it shapes your thinking and reflects in the world around you.