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First 4% Power Up.

Improve Your Relationship With Time.

You can't share from an empty cup, and you can't show up for the things in your life if you're under-sourced.

Being under-resourced could look like being constantly distracted, always feeling behind, never having enough time, and feeling sick or stressed.

The first 4% is how you fill your cup each day

  • One hour per day divided by 24 = 4%.
  • When you take this one hour for yourself each day it supports and enhances the other 96% of your life exponentially. 
  • It's leveragesmall amounts of effort that generate disproportionately large returns. 

Have better rest. Feel good in your body. Take back control of your time. Feel confident and calm in all your engagements

This program contains 12 practices that increase clarity, confidence and courage in your life.

100% right for you:

  • Works with your current routines: choose only the components you don't already have set up in your life.
  • Simplify your to-do list. Identify your most meaningful tasks and make progress on those.
  • A 20-minute no-excuse workout plan so that you never miss a workout, even if you're travelling. 
  • The first 30 minutes of your morning are planned so that things flow smoothly and effortlessly into the rest of your day.
  • Create Easy Wins; identify which rest best supports you and make it easy to say yes to when you need it.
  • [BONUS Training] "Cultivating Intimacy": a practice for developing personal intimacy so that you feel calm and confident in all your intimate relationships. 
  • Community Support: We're ready to welcome you to the Fathers Sons Brother Tribe with your fellow First 4% alumni! 

Your next steps to be set up by tomorrow morning:

  • Confirm your investment and commit on this page.
  • Grab your email confirmation to install our app and connect with the community.
  • Access the first 4% Checklist (plus video training) in the Fathers Sons Brothers Studio.
  • Get connected to your tribe and have the entire system in your life In less than an hour. 

"A harmonious kingdom requires a harmonious king".

Some love from men who have trained with us:

"I'll be honest; I was sceptical! I'm so glad I decided to commit to it, really trust the process outlined by Gareth and Matt, this stuff works guys!! -I don't know how else to say it. I'm getting orders confirmed all day. Super thankful for the guidance! Let's get this!" - Peter J.

"I realised that to get what you want in life, first, you need to take the time to figure out what it is you actually want. This is a great program to work through all the clutter and paint one clear picture." - Andrew K.

"Thank you, Gareth and Matt, for rekindling my fire! Going through this training has been such a powerful experience. I feel lighter, elevated and empowered to step into the creator's shoes for my life! I am so excited to walk fully into my dream". - Ryan H.

"I haven't done anything like this before, and I can't believe how effective it has been! Really pleased with how thorough the processes are and easy to follow; all the tools are there.
Keen to see what the next few months look like. Cheers, Gareth and Matt". Ross P.

Your 10X Guarantee:

It's important to us that when you train with us that you see results. So when you invest and test this training for the next 30 days - if you don't feel life has up-levelled more than ten times what you invested here today - let us know, and we'll give you a full refund. There's zero risk for you as you step into a more courageous version of yourself.

If you're ready to move from chaos to courage confirm your commitment on this page and I'll see you inside The First 4%


Your Guide: Gareth Pickering.

Crossfit Athlete. Goggins 4x4x48 finisher. Ironman triathlete. Paddle-Boarder. Mountain Biker. Call To Courage Podcast Host. Online Business Guide. Photographer. Foodie. Bio-Hacker. Meditator. Yogi. Founder of Call To Courage Biltong. Once did a bungee jump with my bicycle